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Must Try American Food: Best 12 traditional American Food must-try food

Must Try American foods

Must Try American foods

When you think of American food, what comes to mind? Hamburgers and hot dogs? Apple pie? While these dishes are definitely American staples, they are not the only traditional USA dishes worth trying.

In fact, there is a whole wealth of American cuisine to explore. From Cajun gumbo to New England clam chowder, there are countless dishes that reflect the diverse cultures and traditions of the United States. In this blog post, we will explore 10 of the best traditional American foods that you should try on your next trip. So whether you’re looking for something hearty or sweet, read on for the ultimate list of American foods to try.

1.    Apple Pie

Must Try American foods

The idiom is “100% American” which is as it should be: this sweet treat is a public organization. Disregard anyone who will attempt to let you know walnut or key lime is better, since they are lying. The basic mix of sugar, rich cake and tart cut apples creates a sweet so uncommon individuals have committed their whole lives to idealizing it.

For an especially phenomenal model, attempt the fruity dessert with added green chilies at the Pie-O-Neer, in Pie Town, New Mexico. Telephone ahead and Kathy Knapp, oneself broadcasted “Pie Woman of Pie Town”, will save you a cut. A fruity dessert is a pie where the chief filling fixing is apples. The earliest printed recipe is from Britain. Fruity dessert is frequently presented with whipped cream, frozen yogurt, or cheddar. It is for the most part twofold crusted, with cake both above and underneath the filling; the high class might be strong or latticed.

2. The Hamburger

Must Try American foods

Each and every American will have an alternate thought regarding where to track down the best cheeseburger in the nation, going from cheap food on the West Coast (In-N-Out Burger) to high end food in New York (The Spotted Pig). Yet, just a single spot is perceived by the Library of Congress similar to the origin of cheeseburgers: New Shelter, Connecticut. It was 1900 and the foundation was Louis’ Lunch, show to one Louis Lassen.

Today his extraordinary grandson, Jeff Lassen, guides the boat, which actually serves burgers produced using five-meat mix and cooked in extremely old cast iron barbecue. The fame of the burger and cheeseburger in the USA is unquestionable. Customary, connoisseur, inexpensive food, with bacon, sliders, with green bean stew, Succulent Lucy style… the rundown of varieties and fixings is endless. Assuming there is one food that we needed to pick, burgers must be the most American of all.

3. Clam Chowder

Must Try American foods

It is essentially against the law to visit Boston without attempting New Britain mollusk chowder. The fragrant soup is sold all over the place, and it looks revolting, being white and knotty. However, one taste is everything necessary to fall head over heels. Whoever chose to blend the quahog shellfish in with delicate potatoes, salted pork, weighty cream and spices is a complete virtuoso. There are numerous ways of eating it, yet you should go full scale and get a bread bowl at the Atlantic Fish Co., where the culinary experts cut out a hole in a new boule, pour in the brilliant juice, then, at that point, set the top back.

4. Bagel and Lox

Must Try American foods

Attempting to limit New York down to a solitary delegate cooking is a waste of time. A Nathan’s wiener? Pastrami from Katz’s? A terrible cup of cafe espresso? We should offer appreciation to the city’s solid Jewish populace and go with bagels and lox, an end of the week staple on numerous Manhattan tables. Logical investigations have been led attempting to figure out why the New York bagel rules over all others; legend ascribes it to the water. Anything the reason, make a beeline for Russ and Girls on the Lower East Side and let them know you need a choice of smoked fish, cream cheeses and, in the event that you’re feeling streak, caviar.

5. Deep-Dish Pizza

Must Try American foods

Pizza in Chicago looks and tastes changed. The dish is profound, as the name recommends, meaning the covering rises high and considers a course gagging volume of cheddar and pureed tomatoes. Obviously, they consider it a “pie”. It isn’t for the happy and ought to just be endeavored while wearing dull garments or a huge napkin. For an especially legitimate feast, match the pie with sweet pop. You could jump at the chance to do this at an Uno Pizza shop, which professes to have concocted the Italian American cross breed dish.

6. Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Must Try American foods

One of the best parts of waking up on a weekend is being able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. But if you’re like most people, weekday mornings are rushed and you don’t have time for anything more than grabbing something quick on the go. weekends, take some time to make a hearty and delicious breakfast that will start your day off right. This recipe for drop biscuits and sausage gravy is the perfect comfort food to help you relax and enjoy your weekend.

7. Texas Barbecue

Must Try American foods

Texas barbecue is some of the best in the country. But, it’s not always the healthiest. If you’re looking to enjoy some delicious Texas barbecue without all the guilt, this guide is for you. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you enjoy healthy Texas barbecue. From choosing leaner meats to avoiding processed sides, following these tips will help you indulge in your love of barbecue without harming your health in the process..

8. Hominy Grits

Must Try American foods

Hominy grits are a staple in Southern cuisine, but they’re also gaining popularity in other parts of the country. This dish is made from dried and ground corn, and it can be either white or yellow. Grits are usually served as a side dish, but they can also be used in recipes for main courses, desserts, and even cocktails. And while they’re traditionally thought of as a breakfast food, they can be eaten at any time of day. So what makes hominy grits so special? Well, for one, they’re incredibly healthy. They’re low in calories and fat, and they’re a good source of dietary fiber. They also contain vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium.

9. Tacos

Must Try American foods

Taco Tuesday has become a popular way to eat healthy while still enjoying a delicious meal. Tacos are a great source of lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fats, making them a perfect option for people looking to improve their diet. However, not all tacos are created equal. In this blog post, we will explore the healthiest way to eat a taco. We will discuss the different ingredients that make up a taco and how to choose the best options for your health. We will also provide some tips on how to make your own healthy tacos at home.

10. Meatloaf

Must Try American foods

When it comes to comfort food, meatloaf is definitely up there. It’s hearty, filling, and can be made in a variety of ways. Plus, it’s a great way to use up ground meat that you might have otherwise not known what to do with. But what makes meatloaf so flavorful? Is it the ketchup? The Worcestershire sauce? The onion soup mix? In this blog post, we will explore 10 ingredients that give meatloaf its unique flavor. From secret spices to classic condiments, read on to find out what goes into making a delicious meatloaf.

11. Hot Dogs

Must Try American foods

If you’re like most people, when you think of hot dogs, you think of unhealthy processed meat wrapped in a white bun. But what if I told you that hot dogs can actually be a healthier alternative to the standard sandwich? In this blog post, we’ll explore the health benefits of hot dogs and dispel some of the myths about this classic American food. From the different types of meat used in hot dogs to the toppings and condiments that make them healthier, read on to learn more about why hot dogs are a great option for your next meal.

12. Thanksgiving

Must Try American foods

So “thanksgiving” isn’t in fact a food, yet it’s a particularly unbelievable date on the American culinary schedule (the fourth Thursday of every November), that it should be recognized. Formally, the occasion is about loved ones, yet everyone knows it’s truly about turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, green bean meal and fusses. While the recipes, as most things on this rundown, appear to be uniquely designed to give you a respiratory failure or diabetes, they’re all delectable, and taken together make quite possibly of the most ludicrous and charming banquet you might at any point join in. Numerous cafés offer a menu, for the most exceptional choice is generally a companion’s home, regardless of whether they consume the bird.


The history of American food is rich with very many lessons. Since the pre-colonial period to date, there have been developments in the food. Most of the foreign foods have now become part of the American diet as a result of research and fusion. It is also acceptable all over the world.

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